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Important Notice: Upcoming Land Preserve Improvements

The Riverview Land Preserve (RLP) will continue its next phase of improvements beginning Monday July 20, 2020.  For the next six weeks you may notice our team boring additional wells and installing collection pipes at the landfill through early September.

During this scheduled project, please be patient as there may be some additional noise from machinery. We know that residents are facing disruptions in normal life as a result of Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 Executive Orders. While this project may cause some short-term noise disruption, RLP’s new wells will improve our gas collection system, which will have a positive impact for local residents. The majority of work will be done on weekdays and during normal business hours to respect your time out of doors in the evenings and weekends

We hope this notice was helpful in answering questions and concerns that may arise during the projected project timeframe. My team will continue to do everything we can to improve our operations.

Lastly, we’d like to hear from you on how we’re doing communicating to the community about timely issues and more. We have a newly available suggestion box where comments and suggestions can be emailed, or residents can use our hotline by dialing 734-785-7358.

~ The Riverview Land Preserve Team