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Learn About Three Critical Components Of A Modern Landfill

There is a lot more to Riverview Land Preserve than managing waste materials. That’s just the beginning of our story. Learn about the three critical components that support trash deposits at RLP including the:

  • Liner containment system,
  • Drainage and pumping systems,
  • Gas collection systems.

See the Three Components

In this video, see how each of these systems make this regional resource a secure and permanent repository for waste as well as an essential part of the community infrastructure.

We took time to create this video to showcase and explain the exciting things going on at RLP. This is just one of many new communications RLP has made available to Downriver citizens this past year to help people understand the operations and local infrastructure benefits of a modern-day landfill.

RLP is regulated by three different offices of the Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes, and Energy, as well as the Wayne County Department of Public Services and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The RLP team operates a safe landfill under the strictest state and federal standards. And, RLP conducts daily, weekly and monthly inspections of all the control systems, and is inspected regularly by regulatory agencies.

Use Our Suggestion Box

We’d like to hear from you on how we’re doing communicating to the community about timely issues and more. We have a newly available suggestion box where comments and suggestions can be emailed, or residents can use our hotline by dialing 734-785-7358.

Learn more about Riverview Land Preserve at riverviewlandpreserve.com or reach out and ask our team for more detail - riverviewlandpreserve.com/contact-us.