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Piian System bolsters odor control at RLP

Odor control efforts at Riverview Land Preserve are constantly active and include multiple systems for daily and season-long control of odor issues.

The three main systems utilized by RLP include Alternate Daily Cover (dirt, tire chips, wood chips and foam), an Odor Neutralizing Misting System and a Piian System.

Alternate Daily Cover is material that is placed on the active face of a solid waste landfill at the end of each operating day, and this helps eliminate blowing dust and debris, odors, and nuisance birds.

The Odor Neutralizing Misting System deploys a water mist of odor neutralizers around the cell, but this odor control effort is not effective in cold winter weather.

That is why the Piian System of vaporized mixture is the effective winter weather odor control method. The vaporized particles attach to odor molecules in the air to act as an odor deterrent. The always-on Piian System vaporized scents might be cherry, citrus or other combinations. This system is in operation 24-hours a day, seven days a week, all-year long for constant coverage.

There are two 2,000-foot Piian Systems installed at RLP. These Vapor Odor Control Units are positioned at the top of the landfill over the active working face and surrounding the perimeter of the landfill. The objective is to destroy odors from all angles using every type of neutralizer.

  • Q: Who do I call if I smell something that may be coming from RLP?
  • A: Please contact RLP at 734-785-7358, and the Wayne County Department of Public Services at 313-224-7600.

Riverview Land Preserve (RLP) is a Michigan-based licensed, Type II (non-hazardous) solid waste landfill facility, owned and operated by the City of Riverview since 1968. The facility design and operation exceed both state and federal regulations, making it possible to manage a variety of non-hazardous solid wastes, in an environmentally responsible manner. Learn more at riverviewlandpreserve.com.