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Material Disposal is Critical Cost for Small Businesses

Downriver land developers, construction, demolition companies, builders and landscapers focus on keeping costs low before placing project bids. One of the biggest cost factors is disposal of materials, all which require a final destination - a landfill.  

Disposal costs also play an intricate role in the economics of a project. When creating a budget for a project, disposal costs determine the length of time for project completion and how quick phases of a project can be completed.

Downriver small businesses like Rainville Lawncare, based in Grosse Ile, rely on Riverview Land Preserve to keep their project expenses in check.

“Riverview Land Preserve is not very expensive and easy to use for our projects on Grosse Ile,” said Rainville owner Pierre Rainville. “If not for RLP, we would have to use Carleton (in New Boston) and the addition fuel and time is an expense our small team can’t afford at this time.”

Costs for small businesses

Retaining employees after competing with Covid benefits and health restrictions have made containing business expenses critical. Rainville Lawncare has been in business for 20 years, but the 25-employee group has recently been reduced to four employees since 2020. Rainville knows that savings in gasoline, labor and equipment wear and tear are all critical factors in whether a business thrives and survives.

Riverview Land Preserve is a steady, affordable resource to downriver businesses that know that the difference between maintaining growth or failing are predictable and consistent business expenses.

Regional Resource for Over 50 Years

The Riverview Land Preserve has transformed itself from a ski resort in the early 1960s, into today’s regional resource for Southeast Michigan. For over 50 years, RLP has been used by thousands of residents, contractors, developers, trash haulers, local businesses and employees who work and serve in many industries and communities. 

In times of crisis, the Riverview Land Preserve has provided emergency disposal services for surrounding cities. During major floods and storm events or closure of commercial/industrial buildings, RLP has expanded hours of operations or discounted disposal rates to help. Riverview Land Preserve has also been a partner in new infrastructure and business developments across many of our downriver communities. 

Learn more about this regional resource at riverviewlandpreserve.com.