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Look For Special Notice For Riverview Residents

To best serve the needs of the entire community, the City of Riverview is conducting a survey this month to gauge the interests of residents regarding the proposed expansion of the Riverview Land Preserve.

The City of Riverview – in conjunction with Riverview Land Preserve (RLP) – has proposed a 45-acre expansion to have capacity for an additional 15 years of operation. RLP serves 16 downriver communities (with a population of over 300,000 people – around 18 percent of Wayne County’s population).

Survey Instructions

All Riverview residents that are registered to vote will receive a survey form in the mail to express their position regarding the proposed expansion of the Riverview Land Preserve.

  1. Please look for this piece of mail in mid-March
  2. Fill out the survey
  3. Return the completed survey by mail in the prepaid envelope

Please note that voters have 14 days to return the survey. Please be prompt.

RLP's Contribution to Riverview's Budget

RLP currently contributes $3.5 million in revenue to the City of Riverview annually, making up approximately one-fourth of the City’s general fund budget which helps to support police, fire and other public services. The $3.5 million contribution to the general fund is equivalent to approximately 11 mills of property tax levy, which otherwise would need to be placed upon property owners’ tax bills to sustain the current level of city services.