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Riverview Land Preserve is an important resource to our neighboring communities and the community at large. Annually, the landfill generates millions of dollars in fees to support Wayne County recycling programs and local enrichment programs.

RLP is an educational resource for school districts, universities and civic groups. We are proud of the fact that our facility serves as a classroom. School fieldtrips, STEM projects, visits from local Boy Scout Troops, and more help our youth learn first-hand about the importance of recycling at home and the role of landfills when it comes to managing waste.

RLP operates with transparency to the community. RLP staff meets regularly with city, business and community leaders, and regularly shares Local Enforcement Agency findings to the community.

Put simply: We are proud of our role in the Downriver community, and we look forward to deepening relationships and supporting local community initiatives.


Tours are available on a limited basis to residents as well as community, civic and academic organizations. To request a tour, contact us here or call Jeff Kugelman, 734-281-4263, x5928.

Landfill Myths vs. Facts

The myths, concerns and complaints listed below are untrue items mentioned by the public at the recent Wayne County Facility Inclusion Committee (FIC) hearing regarding the Riverview Land Preserve (RLP). It is important to correct these untrue statements and to take an opportunity to clarify and address the concerns and complaints that were mentioned by…
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Will A Local Landfill Impact My Property Value?

So, you’ve found your dream home – perfect schools, great community, low taxes. When the disclosure comes back, you find out that 3.5 miles away is the local landfill. How do you move forward now that you have this information? Years ago, people tended to ditch the deal when this kind of information came to…
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Riverview Land Preserve Still Your Regional Resource

Above, the Woodhaven Gateway Center added retailers such as Kohls, Lowes, LA Fitness and Buffalo Wild Wings. RLP accepted disposal of construction and demolition debris during the development. The Riverview Land Preserve has transformed itself from a ski resort in the early 1960s, into today’s regional resource for Southeast Michigan. For 52 years, RLP has…
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Spring gas well drilling project

Riverview Land Preserve team members are currently performing the 2021 Spring GCCS gas well drilling project which should be completed in the next 4 - 7 weeks. Intermittent banging noise can be produced from the drill rig making new gas wells throughout the landfill. We hope you can appreciate the short term inconvenience with the…
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Piian System bolsters odor control at RLP

Odor control efforts at Riverview Land Preserve are constantly active and include multiple systems for daily and season-long control of odor issues. The three main systems utilized by RLP include Alternate Daily Cover (dirt, tire chips, wood chips and foam), an Odor Neutralizing Misting System and a Piian System. Alternate Daily Cover is material that…
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Coming Up: Community Shred Day at RLP

The Riverview Land Preserve's next Community Shred Day has been scheduled for Saturday, September 18 from noon to 4 p.m. at 20863 Grange Road in Riverview. This is a free drive-through event and a perfect opportunity to shred confidential paper materials such as receipts, bank statements, medical records and tax documents. All documents will be…
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Meet The Sweep: RLP Equipment Is Keeping Streets Clean

The City of Riverview deploys a street sweeper daily to clean roads inside and adjacent to the Riverview Land Preserve on Grange Road in Riverview. Look for this large, white vehicle cleaning King Road multiple times each day between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. with its brooms, water sprayers and vacuum. The Schwarze® A7 Tornado™…
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Recycling More Critical Than Ever After Covid Disruptions

Amid lingering fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the simple routine of recycling has taken on additional significance. With many businesses and offices still closed or operating at reduced capacity during the pandemic, manufacturers that use recycled materials to make products like boxes and toilet paper are relying on residential recyclers to help out. “Recycling has…
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RLP Receives Grant To Fund New Recycling Drop-Off Facility

The City of Riverview participated in the 2020 Recycling and Organics Infrastructure Grant Program through the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), and was awarded a $55,000 grant to improve its current recycling program at Riverview Land Preserve (RLP). “These grant funds will really help more Downriver citizens recycle, and we’re very excited…
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Learn About Three Critical Components Of A Modern Landfill

There is a lot more to Riverview Land Preserve than managing waste materials. That’s just the beginning of our story. Learn about the three critical components that support trash deposits at RLP including the: Liner containment system,Drainage and pumping systems,Gas collection systems. See the Three Components In this video, see how each of these systems…
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