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Riverview Land Preserve is an important resource to our neighboring communities and the community at large. Annually, the landfill generates millions of dollars in fees to support Wayne County recycling programs and local enrichment programs.

RLP is an educational resource for school districts, universities and civic groups. We are proud of the fact that our facility serves as a classroom. School fieldtrips, STEM projects, visits from local Boy Scout Troops, and more help our youth learn first-hand about the importance of recycling at home and the role of landfills when it comes to managing waste.

RLP operates with transparency to the community. RLP staff meets regularly with city, business and community leaders, and regularly shares Local Enforcement Agency findings to the community.

Put simply: We are proud of our role in the Downriver community, and we look forward to deepening relationships and supporting local community initiatives.


Tours are available on a limited basis to residents as well as community, civic and academic organizations. To request a tour, contact us here or call Jeff Kugelman, 734-281-4263, x5928.

Learn How Our Modern Landfill Works

There is a lot more to Riverview Land Preserve than managing waste materials. That’s just the beginning of our story. In this video, see how our ongoing efforts make this regional resource a secure and permanent repository for waste as well as an essential part of the community infrastructure. https://vimeo.com/474832036?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=28749 We took time to create…
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Riverview Land Preserve serves as a regional resource

The Riverview Land Preserve has transformed itself from a ski resort in the early 1960s, into today’s regional resource for Southeast Michigan. For 52 years, RLP has been used by thousands of residents, contractors, developers, trash haulers, local businesses and employees who work and serve in many industries and communities.  In times of crisis, the…
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Annual RLP Customer Appreciation Event was Tasty

Everyday Riverview Land Preserve is grateful to the many customers that support one of the best solid waste landfill facilities in the region. RLP’s 2020 Customer Appreciation Day (September 11) was part of our ongoing effort to acknowledge those customers for their continued business.   Due to COVID-19 restrictions, lunch and beverages were provided by…
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RLP Community Shred Day a Success

Over 1,000 boxes of confidential paper materials were processed duringthe Riverview Land Preserve’s Community Shred Day event. Nearly 300 downriver residents took part in Riverview Land Preserve’s recent Community Shred Day at our Grange Road facility. All documents were securely shredded on site. The free drive-through event was a perfect opportunity to shred confidential paper…
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Golfers Improve Game at Riverview Land Preserve Practice Facility

Area golfers who want to tune their game before taking on the Riverview Highlands Golf Course can work out on the adjacent practice facility located on the eastern edge of the Riverview Land Preserve. The practice facility is located on the old footprint of Riverview’s ski and sledding areas, which were phased out in the…
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Local Girl Scout Troop Tours Riverview Land Preserve

Trenton Anderson Girl Scouts Troop #75916 toured the Riverview Land Preserve and enjoyed a unique and up-close experience while learning about recycling and managing waste. Hands-on Learning About The Importance of Community Recycling Scouts from Trenton Anderson Girl Scouts Troop #75916, got an up-close and personal tour of Riverview Land Preserve in July. RLP’s Jeff…
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Important Notice: Upcoming Land Preserve Improvements

The Riverview Land Preserve (RLP) will continue its next phase of improvements beginning Monday July 20, 2020.  For the next six weeks you may notice our team boring additional wells and installing collection pipes at the landfill through early September. During this scheduled project, please be patient as there may be some additional noise from…
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Coming Up: Community Shred Day at RLP

The Riverview Land Preserve's Community Shred Day has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 19 from noon to 4 p.m. at 20863 Grange Road in Riverview. This is a free drive-through event and a perfect opportunity to shred confidential paper materials such as receipts, bank statements, medical records and tax documents. All documents will be securely…
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Renewable Natural Gas Produced Daily at Riverview Land Preserve

Refuse is collected daily at Riverview Land Preserve (RLP); but … did you know that Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is produced every day at the facility as well? RNG is a carbon-neutral fuel that reduces harmful emissions and provides a renewable source of energy. Landfill waste can be put to work by converting it to…
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